PC RepairExpress service for your PC, conveniently located in downtown Richland. Our professional staff will optimize pokey PCs, clean out viruses and spyware, handle system reinstalls, and even restore dead hard drives.


  • Diagnostics & Optimization
  • Analyze your system software, test your hardware functions, and identify spyware or viruses. Then, we’ll tell you how to get up and running quickly. Then, for less serious problems, we can optimize your system, install the latest Windows patches, and install antivirus software.
  • Data Transfer and Migration
  • When you've purchased a new PC or need to transfer your documents between computers, our transfer services will ensure all your important information make it to the new machine.
  • PC Rebuild 
  • When your PC crashes regularly and runs slowly, we can reinstall your original system software and return lost performance. Then we'll update your computer with the latest service patches and drives, and install antivirus software. 
  • Data Backup
  • Your PC can be replaced, but without a backup you could lose valuable photos, music and files. Our complete system and personal data backup will put a safe copy of your files on a removable hard drive.
  • PC Data Recovery
  • Hard drive failure doesn't have to mean lost data. Our experts can recovery your data with the latest tools.